Game1 MID Budapest

$150.00 USD
Size Guide: For a standard or narrow foot, stay true to size; for wider feet, longer toes, or other foot quirks, go half a size up.
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The GAME1 MID is SPOs first mid-top basketball shoe designed for all positions on the court.

With a new upper, an upgraded lock-in system, and the first mid-top design, the Game1 MID brings a completely new level of support and security.

An extremely durable rubber outsole offers the same level of elite traction you are used to with the Game1.

Like all SPO shoes, the drop-in midsoles are interchangeable allowing you to customize to suit your style.


Made for Any Court, Any Position


Upgraded Materials

TPEE+TPU woven upper in a unique mold which is incredibly light while significantly enhancing support and durability.


Foot Shape Adaptation

Forward eyelets increase adjustment range, adapting to various foot shapes and sizes.

All Terrain

Durable Outsole

High-density rubber with rugged segmented herringbone pattern, suitable for any court, while being particularly resistant to concrete.

Lateral Support

Outrigger/Side Wall

Logo-shaped TPU provides excellent lateral support, holding your foot in place during the harshest of moves.

Extra Cushion

Double Layered Midsole

Full-length ultra-light EVA foam, combined with the Quick Drop-In system handles all shock absorption for players of any size.



Equipped with a unique nylon fiberglass anti-torsion plate for excellent torsional resistance, enhancing shoe security and injury prevention.


explosive Drop-In System

Our Explosive Drop-In is designed for comfortable shock absorption and quick elastic feedback for maximum responsiveness.



GAME1 comes with ONE midsole: QUICK. Other Midsoles are available for purchase here.

Size Guide

We recommend going half a size up from your own performance basketball shoe size.


📏 Size Guide

Everyones' footshape is different. We recommend going up half a size based on basketballshoes by big brands like Nike.

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Free standard shipping on orders over $50. 7 Business days for delivery.

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👟 Drop-in Midsole

Our Midsoles are interchangeable. We create Midsoles based on your needs. Different Models will drop continuously./products/spo-support-midsole