SPO Explosive Drop-In Midsole

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Size Guide: For a standard or narrow foot, stay true to size; for wider feet, longer toes, or other foot quirks, go half a size up.
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The SPO Explosive Drop-In Midsole fuses exceptional rebound and elite shock absorption.

Upon landing, our proprietary blend of supercritical foam cushion swiftly taps into a reserved energy source, reducing midsole compression and redirecting this energy for extra bounce and responsiveness.

Weighing less than traditional TPU foaming, our Explosive Mid-Sole redefines your first step, attacks on the rim, and elevates your rebounding game.


Redefine your explosive first step.


Elite Take-Off

The Explosive Midsole seamlessly combines Exceptional Rebound and Elite Shock Absorption through our unique Supercritical Foam.


Energy Redirection

Upon ground contact, the foam swiftly taps into a reserved energy source redirecting this recovered energy into extra bounce and responsiveness for the player.



Far lighter than typical TPU foam, yet our Explosive Mid-Sole excels buoyancy and stability.



An anti slip grip pad underneath the foam holds it tightly in place within your shoe while the sticky print on top of the insole to holds your sock in place for extra support.

Size Guide

Choose the same size insole for the size of shoe you are inserting it in.


📏 Size Guide

Everyones' footshape is different. We recommend going up half a size based on basketballshoes by big brands like Nike.

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Free standard shipping on orders over $50. 7 Business days for delivery.

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👟 Drop-in Midsole

Our Midsoles are interchangeable. We create Midsoles based on your needs. Different Models will drop continuously./products/spo-support-midsole