Player1 HATER

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Size Guide: For a standard or narrow foot, stay true to size; for wider feet, longer toes, or other foot quirks, go half a size up.
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Player 1 is our Flagship Low Top Performance Basketball Shoe. Building off insights from past iconic models, we took a modern view on how to improve lightness, breathability with our translucent TPU knitted Nervnit Upper. The Drop-in Midsoles are repurchasable, while a range of models will come to meet different needs of players by position and physics. Our triple-density midsole allows a feeling of cushioning and bounce at the same time. Take a look and explore more.
featured as the lightest shoe in 2023


Unparalleled traction on any floor.

Drop-in Midsoles interchangeable and tailored to players needs.

Low-to-the ground, unique court-feel.



Translucent TPU knitted Nervnit™ Upper provides breathability, extremely lightness and durability. Making Player1 the lightest shoe in the market!


Our proprietary Outsole Tech, Comb™, uses a unique Herringbone Pattern paired with small dots suitable for any floors. Paired of carbon fiber plat for quick take-off.


Our Drop-In Midsoles are interchangeable. The basic midsole Power™ comes with 3 layer foam tech for balanced impact protection and bounce.

Size Guide

We recommend going half a size up from your own performance basketball shoe size.


📏 Size Guide

Everyones' footshape is different. We recommend going up half a size based on basketballshoes by big brands like Nike.

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👟 Drop-in Midsole

Our Midsoles are interchangeable. We create Midsoles based on your needs. Different Models will drop continuously./products/spo-support-midsole


Player1 Plus comes with two Midsoles: Strength and Quick.

We aspire to tailor the wearing experience for everyone. The two systems provide the basic packages for players' needs while more Midsoles will be development continuously based on your Feedback.